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Another year without Festivals

For many years, the first half of the year at Rixfilm has been structured by festivals. Our annual cycle begins in February with the Berlinale, in March follows the Film Festival Turkey Germany which is co-curated by Frank Becher, in May the International Animated Film Festival in Stuttgart and it ends finally in June with a few nice days in Annecy. Now we are in our second year without these festivals. Honestly, we miss them. All attempts to hold the festivals online are ok. But just no comparison to being on site, meeting people, discussing projects, eating and drinking together. At the FFTD we are still hoping to celebrate our 25th anniversary this year. We have moved it to midsummer, actually a taboo for any rational festival planner. But we’ll see. Perhaps there is time until then that cultural exchanges can take place beyond the network.

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First stereoscopic VR 360° film

We realised a particularly interesting project in Switzerland this year: our first stereoscopic VR 360° film for interview training. Definitely an exciting technology! Of course we’d love to continue testing its immersive effect in behavioural training units.

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‘Sláinte, Ireland. We’re coming… ’

‘Sláinte, Ireland. We’re coming… ’ Brexit getting done also means changes for us. Effective 31 December 2020, our English ‘Limited’ will become an Irish one. That is more or less a formal act and has little impact on our business activities and our work as Rixfilm. Nevertheless: We are pleased to let you know and look forward to the days in which we can travel to Ireland (and of course, England) in good conscience.

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Mention from the German Design Awards

It has been quiet for a long time. Which only means that we have had plenty to do! We also had three reasons to celebrate this month: early in the year, the mixed-media campaign Allianz Global Investors Vertriebsinitiative Fonds (Sales initiative funds), which Frank Becher co-designed on behalf of HQ interaktive Medien, received an honourable mention from the German Design Awards. Later, we received an honourable mention from the IELA Awards, as well as the 2020 eLearning Award for two blended learning programmes that we created with and for proaktiv Management.

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