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Stop Motion

Based on our more than 20 years of experience in the world of stop motion, we provide you with a range of custom services and consulting targeted specifically to producers who are planning a stop motion film or series.


Script Analysis and Budget

We analyse your script to determine its feasibility as a stop motion film. In the process, we offer various levels of detail, from a three-page short analysis to a comprehensive feasibility study with an initial breakdown and our recommendation for the required sets and number of puppets, and the requirements that the studio must fulfil. The service includes – if needed – the development of a budget which is based on the findings from our script analysis.

Studio Planning

Would you like to set up your own stop motion studio or are you looking for a suitable rental studio in Europe? We will draw up a recommendation for how you can optimally equip your future studio. Upon request, we involve architects in the process. And if you’d like, we will also provide you with advice on the procuring of camera and lighting equipment.

Personnel Planning
and Team Building

We will develop an organisation chart for your project, define the requirements for the jobs to be filled, and create job descriptions for your calls for applications. Of course we will also help you to recruit your team upon request.

Production Management

As the start of shooting approaches, production planning and scheduling take centre stage with regard to organisation. Not a particularly easy task, as it requires structured thinking, a comprehensive understanding of workflows, budgets, and deadlines, and last but not least, the ability to bring the sometimes divergent interests of the various disciplines under one hat.
We would be pleased to take on this function in your project or support your own team as a consultant, coach…or in an emergency situation, as a troubleshooter! On location or online – as you wish.


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