Angela Poschet

Rixfilm was established in May 2009 by Angela Poschet and Frank Becher.

Angela Poschet ( is one of Europe’s leading experts around stop motion. She has worked as a consultant, line producer, and production supervisor for Wes Anderson’s Isle of Dogs, Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie, Nexus’ “The House Anthology” and “Bob the Builder”. Angela supervises productions from the first steps in pre-production (script breakdown, cost estimation) and project planning (studio planning, recruiting, service provider selection) to production realisation. She also regularly provides access to her knowledge in workshops: for example, at ITFS in Stuttgart or the Animarkt Stop Motion Forum in Lodz.

Frank Becher

Frank Becher has produced numerous short films and co-produced and co-developed several full-length feature films. He has also supervised more than 300 corporate media projects, particularly in the field of educative media and eLearning. The learning programmes that Frank develops have received multiple awards. He teaches in the Television and Film course at SRH Berlin School of Popular Arts and is a member of the festival management board of the Filmfestival Türkei Deutschland (Turkey-Germany film festival) in Nuremberg. His book Kurzfilmproduktion (Short film production) was published by UVK Verlag.