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The Bus to America

Sefran, an adventurous refugee boy, daydreams about escaping the camp for Amerika. An unfortunate religious transgression propels him into the grown-up world where he must face himself and his people to find acceptance.

The film was developped by Derya Durmaz, a well-known turkish director, actress and human rights activist. It will be produced by Nefes Polat from Marsfilm. Rixfilm is co-development partner. THE BUS TO AMERICA was funded by the German-Turkish Co-Development Fund.

Spätkauf (Late Night Shop)

Akin grew up in the milieu of the Berlin betting shops and late night kiosks. His father Metin has lost a betting ticket, which would help him to pay back his gambling debts. But he does not know, that it was his own son, who found and embezzled the winning ticket. Akin hat to make a decision: Should he follow his own dreams or help his father?

SPÄTKAUF isa project of the directors team Ilker Catak and Johannes Duncker. The film got support by the german-turkish Co-development Fund and will be shot in 2013. The script was developped with the help of the Autorenstipendum Nuremberg, co-producer ist Bulut Film in Istanbul.

Nachts schlafen die Ratten doch


NACHTS SCHLAFEN DIE RATTEN DOCH is a short film based on the short story written by Wolfgang Borcher. It is the first film we shot for a series of films based in german short stories. 

Based on the short story by Wolfgang Borchert
Director: Sophia Bierend
Actors: Friedhelm Ptok und Alexandros Gehrckens
DoP: Philipp Asshauer
Sound Recording: Joey Laube
Sound Mix: Fabian Lackas
Editing: Philipp Asshauer
Camera assistent: Levent Süzen
DIT: Franca Heiden
Gaffer: Stefan Riese
Electricians: Oliver Roho, Stefan Ruppert
Make up artist: Anne Lomberg
Costume design: Ibrahim Lopez
Script/Continuity: Sarah Spindler
Set Manager: Franz Lischke
Producer: Jan Bütow
Executive producer: Frank Becher



Short film by Johannes Duncker and Ilker Catak about a young couple who moves into a new appartment. One of the rooms has a very special attraction. So strong, that the young man risks their love. The film was co-produced with the Bayerische Rundfunk.


A film by Johannes Duncker and Ilker Catak
Driectors Johannes Duncker und Ilker Catak
Actors: August Wittgenstein and Elisabeth Milarch
DoP: Johannes Duncker
1st AD Eckhard Plöttner
Sound Recording: Caspar Sachsse
Sound Mix: Mario Forth
Boom Operator: David Madry
VfX: Til Strobl
Editing: Frederik Geisler
Music: Marvin Miller
Camera assistant Anthony Molina
Assistent camera assistent: Chris Nothekuhlmann
Highspeed-Operator: Armin Mobasseri
Gaffer: Mantas Jockus
Electricians: Stefan Birnbaum, Arvid Klapper
Production design: Rabea Peter
Builders: Udo Hildebrandt, Kiljan Ammann
Assistant set dresser: Susey Arndt, Kirsten Hasenbein
Make up artist: Maria Buhse, Elisabeth Pieplow
Costume design: Mareike Bay
Unit Manager: Ellen Wölk
Assistent unit manager: Judith Fraune
Production assistants: Jan Bütow, Eric Wilke
Commissioning editor: Claudia Gladziejewski
Producer: Frank Becher
Executive producers: Frank Becher, Ilker Catak und Johannes Duncker


Salt and Vinegar

Cameron Fraser’s small comedy about a young guy, who seems once again disappointed of the last night in a club was shot in early September. The film is funded by BKM and Creative Scotland and had its german premiere in july.


Writer and Director: Cameron Fraser
Actors Nils Geiger, Gregor Marstaller und Lilia Schliephacke
Voice over: Michael Aue and John Campbell
DoP: Angela Poschet
Sound Recording und Mix: Robert F. Kellner
Editing: Frank Becher
Music: Iain Cooke
Camera Operator: Gillian Holt
Camera Assistent: Maik Sündram
Gaffer: Gabriele Huber
Set Design Meike Helmbrecht
Make up Sabine Köhn
Script/Continuity: Anne Barger
Producer: Frank Becher, Robert F.Kellner, Neil Jack

Halima’s path

Halima’s Weg is a feature length drama, playing in Bosnia of today. Halima lost her husband and her son during the war. Both were deported, but their bodies were never found. Halima draws hope of a shortly discovered mass grave. Finally she will find her beloved and bury them (i Flyer of Film). But the UN only finds the body of her husband.
Halima’s Path is a small, but very intense drama, focussing on the emotional pain of the survivors, who can’t bury the bodies of their beloved relatives. “
Our children were denied their right to life; we mothers have the right to truth.” Hatidža Mehmedović, Mothers of Srebrenica

Status: principal shooting finished (Rixfilm supported the development of the film)

“Die Vier von Hartz IV”

“Die Vier von Hartz IV“ is a mini series for the internet. It gives an ironic, but faithful view into lifes at the financial limit. Anger, hope, desperation - a lot of poor people get lost in this permanent change of emotions - built the base line for the satiric series.

Status: in development