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In Stop Motion, Animation and Live Action find together. Working on a small scale with real sets, real props, real puppets and real cameras make things quite different to the virtual worlds of drawing or CGI animation. With a background of more than 20 years of stop motion production and access to a broad network of specialists, Rixfilm offers a unique consulting package for stop motion producers who are planning to produce a stop motion series or feature film. All of these services will be tailor-made for your project - so please contact as with your questions and needs (i get in contact).

Script Analysis and Breakdown

There are many consultants out there, who are offering script analysis services to improve the quality of screenplays. We go beyond that in analyzing scripts with regard to their feasibility as stop motion project. The range of this service starts with a 3-page short evaluation and ends with an deep analysis including a first break-down as well as suggestions for the number of sets and puppets which have to be build.

Studio Setup

You want to set up an own stop motion studio? On the base of your production plan and the studio facilities we create floor plans and give suggestions for camera and lighting equipment. If there’s a plus of building knowledge needed we can involve architects and other facility management specialists in our consulting team.

Team Planning and Recruiting

To have the right team in place is one of the success factors for every film production. For stop motion films the team is even more essential. Every department needs specialized skills which you find neither in the life action industry nor the field of drawing or CGI animation. We support your team building process from an early stage on with the development of a organizational structure, an analysis of the know how needed and job descriptions for all positions. Furthermore we can connect you in the process of recruitment with the professionals you need to make your film a success.

Production Supervising and Scheduling

If your project comes closer and closer to the start of principal photography, the need of an experienced production manager and scheduler grows. “The Art of Scheduling” is a rare combination of structured thinking, understanding stop motion, a strong sense for time and budget and the ability to merge the interests of all the different departments. We can either cover these positions or support your own staff as consulants, coaches or - in the worst case - as trouble shooters.